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Watch our intro video of how Rooba solves the biggest problem for institutional investors to adopt digital assets.

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Solving the trilemma of Institutional adoption of DeFi



Private keys, MITM & fraud are major security risks that has led to billions of dollars of losses

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Transaction Costs

Gas Fees - The basic cost of executing a transaction on a blockchain is prohibitively expensive

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Fast Finality

With POW & POS networks, settlements take up to 30 mins , contributing to very high slippages making it economically unviable for institutional grade investing

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Emerging $300 Billion Market

Rooba.Finance platform helps financial institutions to navigate the complex landscape of digital assets while providing best in class military grade security and compliance management.

Hedge Funds

7.2% of Assets ($312B) in Crypto by 2025

Institutional Crypto Market

Existing trading platforms were architected for the retail markets

Entry Barriers

Institutional crypto trading faces security and market conditions issues in an evolving and ambiguous regulatory environment.

Rooba Finance

Roadmap & Timelines

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Leadership Team

Rooba finance is led by global leaders and veterans in the field of security, cryptography, banking, and blockchain.

Advisory Board

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rooba finance
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