Using a Proof of Authority network run by consensus based MPC nodes, the comet network , at its core runs FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant HSM models at the validator level and on the signing nodes.

With a walled garden approach, the institutions are secured and will never have to create or manage a private key.

The Comet network comes in Hybrid, On-Prem and On-Cloud flavors.

Rooba Platform

Rooba Network


Distributed Ledger for asset ownership

The blockchain based distributed ledger that records, verifies and authenticates crypto asset ownership on the chain.

Sentinel Validators

A HSM and SE based Multi Computation node that can create a public key and signature on behalf of clients for the crypto assets to be recognized and transacted on the underlying blockchain.

Citadel Nodes

A HSM and SE based Validator that authenticates and validates ownership and legitimacy of each transaction that comes into the network.

(Both Sentinel and Citadel run in highly secure Network Operating Centers (NOCS) across the world on Hardware Security Modules with Secure Elements with FIPS 140-2 certification.

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