Key Features

Custodial Network Service

The comet network provides custodial services that eliminates the need to ever create or manage a private key through our Proof of Authority based layer 2 network.

Workflow & Policy Manager

With jurisdictions being siloed in their legislations and their implementation, our KTS enables our users to customise their workflows and policies in a templatized manner to ensure faster and safer compliances.

Access to Capital Markets

The KTS provides unparalleled access to major exchanges, Liquidity pools, AMMs etc.

Extensive Ecosystem Support

KTS will eventually support maximum number of Crypto Currencies and protocols.

Keystone APIs

Automate your operations and integrate with your backend with our extensive API’s for various functionalities.

FIAT on/off ramp

Partnerships with leading institutions around the world enables our clients to easily on/off ramp crypto.

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